Infiniti Poses @ Bewbstock!

October 18, 2013

Infiniti Poses @ Bewbstock!, originally uploaded by eekabutz..

I love poses. Im not sure if this has to do with the fact that I have been posing people in photos in the real world for almost 10 years or what, but poses literally get me excited in the world of SL.
Typically I stick to just me in photos, but when I saw this awesome 2 person pose from Infiniti, especially a 2 lady pose called Sugar, I messaged my beautiful friend, Scarlet and ran with it. Now, I know the idea of this pose was for a girl to be touching another girls lady bewbs but, golly gee. I sure saw the cuteness in it ❤

You can check Infiniti Poses at Bewbstock from October 18th – November 8th. Not only can you find this little gem, but also a super cute 5 pose set, Peace and Love as well as some awesome body paint and called Hippy Chick that also includes all the body paint!

Please check out Infiniti at Bewbstock today before its over!

Photo taken at The Legion Project ❤


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