September 9, 2013

Maps., originally uploaded by eekabutz..

A friend sent me to check out the Black Kite sim today and let me tell you, it is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!!
Going back at some previous blog posts I noticed that I was typically all over the place. I have been trying to stick to similar colors these days and make things look a little more put together 😀

Heres my Pinky Post ❤


Hair: Lamb- Zelda in Blush
Skin: Fashionably Dead- Bird Skin in Clean Gloss 2
Eyes: Dead Apples- Anime Eyes in Glutton
Septum Ring: iPoke- Classics (modded)
Top: Villena- Crop Sweatshirt in Purr
Belt: Milk Motion- Eagle Belt in Teal
Bag: Milk Motion- My Litle Leather Bag in Teal
Shorts: Emery- Mesh Running Shortin Zolof Jalpur
Tights: imbue- Pinkeh Feather Tights
Boots: Fashionably Dead- Bossy Boots in Floral Black + Pink


Pose:  PDA

Sim:  Black Kite


Listening to:  Lil Sad “Maps”


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