Priceless Things.

January 11, 2011

Priceless Things., originally uploaded by tahneeta! the eekA Bat!(z).

Since the day I saw Lalu’s flickr, I have been in love with everything in her cute shop, Gato.
Today I decided to check out her skins. I know, I have been quite behind on that. But FINALLY i checked them out and it was not a big surprise when I fell in love with every one of them. I have purchased at least one makeup in every skin she has. They are all so different. It is refreshing to see such a creative designer in Second Life!

I quickly put this cute Gato look together in honor of the fabulous store!


Hair: Lamb
Skin: Gato
Necklace: Milk Motion
Sweater: Gato
Skirt: Gato
Socks: Gato
Shoes: Milk Motion

Listening to: Klanguage “Priceless Things”


4 Responses to “Priceless Things.”

  1. Hello dear! Nice to meet you, my name is Flor. How are you doing 😀
    Hope all is fine theere ❤ OMG, your blog is so cute, I admire a lot your work, just awesome. And I come here to ask about linkage 🙂 I have you already on my fav list. I wish I could hear same from you hon ❤
    I'll be waiting for your answer ^^

    Kissyxhuggy ❤

  2. sandro jose Says:

    hey….love the looks you create…what program do you use….what school did you go to?

    im a student at an parsons afilliate in dom rep and want to know how i can illustrate using a comp. program

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