Heart Attack & Vine

November 27, 2010

Heart Attack & Vine, originally uploaded by tahneeta! the eekA Bat!(z).

I have been meaning to make the ultimate “ITS COLD OUTSIDE” outfit but was completely distracted with the release of this beautiful hair from Aurora. After hours of attempting to get my winter outfit perfect, and honestly kind of failing at it, I gave up and just put on what I found comfortable and that still worked with the hair!

Also, I have to say that the latest &bean skins are definitely my favorites of all skins Keiko has ever made! I have yet to want to take it off, and I change my skins VERY often!

Enjoy my very quick look of the day!

Hair: Aurora Hair
Skin: &Bean
Red Nose Tattoo: Insufferable Dastard
Shirt: Emery
Pants: Emery
Boots: Reek
Poses: Croire

Listening to: Tom Waits “Heart Attack & Vine”


2 Responses to “Heart Attack & Vine”

  1. Roxe Brimmer Says:

    do you have a lm to aurora? I couldn[‘t find it

    • eekaface Says:

      ill be able to send one when i finally get back on sl! but for quick reference, it is in the PERIOD sim and the creator is FUGEES Teardrop!

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