Frontier Psychiatrist

October 3, 2010

Frontier Psychiatrist, originally uploaded by tahneeta! the eekA Bat!(z).

Yay for cooler days! It has finally started to cool down here in my part of the real world and although it is not cold enough to actually wear nice comfy sweaters, its still so nice to have a cool breeze over annoying Texas heat! If I could have it my way I would never have hot days and wear layers of clothes everyday! That is where SL comes in handy for me!
I quickly made this outfit the other night for shopping and I ended up liking it so here it is!! I just got some old stuff in my inventory and a few new things too and here it is!

Enjoy! xx

Hair: OH Hair — Alex in Coffee Brown
Skin: Tres Blah — Space Mod in Tan (DUNLTD)
Glasses: Yummy — Mom Glasses in Busy Bee
Earrings: I Candy — Tweet Earrings
Sweater: DP YumYum — Simple Long T in Red
Skirt: U.F.O — Popoya skirt in Colorful Leaf
Stalkings: Sheer –Torn Shiny Black
Shoes: — Basic Flats in Yellow

Listening to: The Avalanches “Frontier Psychiatrist”


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