Boardwalk Empire

September 30, 2010

Boardwalk Empire, originally uploaded by *Natas* Little Black Ache.

So I have been watching Boardwalk Empire on HBO and am loving it, especially the amazing suits and fashion. This outfit is inspired by the character of James “Jimmy” Darmody played by Michael Pitt. Its a little more modern but has the same streetwise vintage thug kinda feel.

The jacket comes from one of my new favorite shops called SCARS. Check out this new release that’s available in at least 9 colors. Each jacket has 3 different prim hem versions.

Jacket: SCARS k-Coat Stitch Design [Brown]

Pants: ARAI Chino Pants

Hat: KARI Newsboy Cap

Scarf: theosophy Tegryn Summer scarf

Shoes: Valor 3 way long nose boots

Cigarette and Cigarette Pack in Hand: [JP] :dsg – Smoker Pack camel

Shirt: SAIKIN Henley Shir t

Check out the shows great opening credits sequence….


2 Responses to “Boardwalk Empire”

  1. Fantastic look and i adore this new show! Steve Buscemi is amazing

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