We Share our Mother’s Health.

September 14, 2010

We Share our Mother’s Health., originally uploaded by tahneeta! the eekA Bat!(z).

Lately Natas and I have been doing A LOT of exploring through random malls and have found some great and interesting finds!!
We came across the KDC Mall a few nights ago, and WOW! So many interesting shops! One of the greatest finds there was definitely the skins store, Eureka. I admit, I have more skins then I can count, but the Ema skin, which is pictured, is so well made as well as unique! Be sure to join the KDC Mall group before shopping as there are many lucky chairs through out the mall.

Ponchos are something that I dont feel SL has enough of so when i stopped at Mashooka I jumped with joy to find such great ones! I was even more excited when i realized the jacket layer was not needed! Im always looking for clothing items that free up my clothing layers!

Also, dont forget to pick up the special Kookie shoes that are on sale this week for 100L! They are worth it!!

Enjoy and Happy Shopping!!


Hair: Mikan (1L)
Lashes: Cake (old)
Skin: Eureka
Poncho: Mashooka
Tee: Tres Blah (old)
Undershirt: Oyakin
Pants: Oompa
Shoes: Kookie (100L)
Bag: Croire
Gloves: Domoco (old)

Listening to: The Knife "We Share our Mother’s Health"


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