All Mine.

September 1, 2010

All Mine., originally uploaded by tahneeta! the eekA Bat!(z).

bubz and i kindda did a bit of the zombie popcorn hunt yesterday before it finished (we are obviously behind on hunts), and stopped in rotten toe for the awesome little dress that was out for the hunt and my bubitos spotted this top! i instantly fell in love. its frilly and girlish but still pretty hot, if you ask me. and it has a fabulous price! i was surprised by how much the shop had changed since the last time nats and i had visited! we had a bit of a sl hiatus there for a bit but its pretty exciting to have my shopping partner back in action, although not always good for the wallet! yay for shoppins!

also, if ever looking for very well made, girly and well priced items, make sure to stop by oyakin. about a year ago i bumped into the shop and it was instant love! with the frill of the top i thought the sheerness and flow of the skirt would be a nice addition to the look.

normally i go for a lot of color in my clothing but after my last look i thought a more princess feel would be nice, of course spicing it up with the peacock earring from fore that i am having problems taking off!

Hair: eha
Skin: &bean
Face Paint: Tres Blah
Earring: Fore
Top: Rotten Toe
Skirt: Oyakin
Stalkings: Blowpop
Shoes: Kookie

Listening to: Portishead "All Mine"


2 Responses to “All Mine.”

  1. Light Claven Says:

    awesome ❤ i really love this, you mixed the colors together so well!

  2. eekaface Says:

    aww lighties thanks so much! i felt like a princess!

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