Malaria Codes.

August 29, 2010

Malaria Codes., originally uploaded by tahneeta! the eekA Bat!(z).

Although i really adore my large hipped shape it makes it very hard for wearing certain things with prim/sculpted bottoms.
im actually thinking about giving eeks a transformation although i LOVE her shape and havent changed it in quite some time. I feel like it IS eeka. i can look at her and say EEKS!! but its also creates some limitations! we’ll see.

p.s. i did get this vest to fit, even though i was doubted and didnt get it at first! i logged back in at 5am to get it and made this outfit! however, the pose/skirt combo isnt a good one for this vest, but i liked it any way ❤

Skin: Mother Goose
Hat: Sweetest Goodbye
Antlers: Visavi
Hair: OJ
Warpaint: Tres Blah
Earring: Tram
Vest: Kittos
Necklace: Happy Finds
Undershirt: Emery
Skirt: Fore
Shoes: Picnic

Listening to: The Octopus Project– Malaria Codes


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