The High Road

May 4, 2010

The High Road, originally uploaded by tahneeta! the eekA Bat!(z).

I recently realized that I truly love Emery. At first, I shopped there here and there but finally I realized that Emery is perfect for making unique outfits. Although it is one of those stores that anyone and everyone can shop from, and is known all over the grid, everything put out by the beautiful sunami has the potential to be made into a completely unique outfit different then any other. You never have to worry about the layers not working out and there are always great colors and patterns to work with. I know that i have blogged many Emery clothes in the past but last night Nats and I took a trip real quick before bed and I’m back on the Emery Kick. sunami has released yet again a fabulous batch of things and has given me yet again something fun to work with.
Oh Emery, you will always leave me broke ❤

Skin: Mother Goose – Lee Troublemaker1

Hair: Kookie – Chiggy beta hair (xmas gift)

Glasses: Duboo – Santas Gift Classes 2-1

Tank: Emery – Mini Top #1 in Gray

Bottom Shirt: Emery Dress (Shirt layer only) Roxe Striped 01

Belt: Linc – Wide Leather Belt in White

Skirt: Emery – Highwaisted HH

Leggings: P-K Sequin Collection Legging

Shoes: Anexx – Buckle Wedge Boots

All Poses from Dont Freak Out!

Listening to: Broken Bells “The High Road”


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