please dont take my sunshine away.

April 10, 2010

please dont take my sunshine away., originally uploaded by tahneeta! the eekA Bat!(z).

But, this morning I forced myself out of bed, sneezing and sniffing away, and hopped on to SL to blog some very exciting new things!!!!
Last night I recieved 2 inventory offers while i was laying in bed. My phone beeped letting me know I had 2 new emails and I squeeeed when I saw what it was– boxes of blog materials from 2 of my favorite deisngers in second life for the event I have been waiting for!
On April 17th Trilogy will be reopening with a brand new theme that focuses on the 1940’s wartime. Izzy first told me about it when he was braindstorming on what to do for it. Originally I planned on taking part of it with the store Nats and I were putting together but RL has called for both he and I and we arent on SL as much as before. However, even though we ARENT included, there are still plenty of amazing and talented creators that have created themed items that will be sold ONLY at the Trilogy sim!!
I have been lucky enough to get a sneak peak at some of what Happy Finds and &bean are putting out. I will have more posts soon with more items/looks that will go with the sim!

With the skins that Keiko Morigi has created for the sim is a little notecard with a warning about the skin and your shape. Now although I did do a small amount of work to my shape, it wasnt a hard thing to work with! Just a small lip adjustment! And for the most part most of us work a bit with our shapes as is when changing skins. So Keiko, if youre reading this, its NO BIGGIE, BEAUTIFUL!

Also, my wiwiquita, or Willa Whybrow of Dont Freak Out (dfo!) has put out a great pose release for this weeks Stumblebum that you all should check out! I used those poses in this post ❤

Hoping you are all as excited for the reopening of Trilogy as I am ❤


Skin: &Bean – Hounds of Love Syphie Clean Light (Trilogy Release)

Hair: Wildo – Juliet in Brown

Necklace: Happy Finds – Antique Butterflies (Trilogy Release)

Jacket: DP YumYum – Tweed Jacket in Beige

Brasiere: &Bean Gonnie Brasiere (Trilogy Release)

Shorts: MNK Shop – Tweed Short Pants in Black

Stalkings: Blowpop – Seamed Fishnet Tights in Nude

Shoes: Tesla – High Oxfords in Black

Poses: Dont Freak Out (Dfo!)

Listening to: Sparklehorse “Please Dont Take my Sunshine Away”


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