February 25, 2010

UFO., originally uploaded by eekA Bat!(z).

I bought the Wild Woman hair from Miasnow a while back not knowing what i would use it with but having faith that there would be a point when it would go perfect with some outfit I’d have at some later date. Thankfully, that day has come!! I had recieved the Roll Up Scarf from Vive9 a few days ago and KNEW that was where i was going to start today, and from there this fun outfit came! So yay for utilizing an inventory full of suprises!!

A friend of mine tp’d me a few weeks ago to look at the new skin store, Bunny B. I had to run away for work but kept note of stopping by again after I saw how cute they looked on Newreem in one of her blog posts. I then got to go back to the store for the Red Packet Hunt and have been meaning to blog a skin or two from there ever since! Very cute skins, guys! If you love freckled skins like me, check out the Fumie line!

Its almost Friday, which i am VERY excited about. Finally, a day off from work!!

Hope you all are having a great week!!

xoxo eeks

Skin: Bunny B – Fumie Tone 01 makeup 3

Hair: MIASNOW – Wild Woman 1

Scarf: Vive9 Roll-up Scarf III [cotton] in cherry

Dress: Madsy – Anna Minidress in Black

Tights: BP – Sep 2008 Wool Tights in black-gold polka dot

Socks: Slow Kitchen – Innocent Lady Socks

Shoes: Kookie – Kat Platforms in Noir

Listening to: Sneaky Soundsystem – UFO (Van She Tech Mix)


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