the axeman and the candy kisses girlll.

January 19, 2010

the axeman and the candy kisses girlll., originally uploaded by eekA Bat!(z).

Nats and I realized that we had not done a post togeter for the blog in very long time so we decided to finally sit down and give it a try again. Nats, in my opinion, has the best male style that I have ever seen in second life. And i really love that sometimes we really compliment each other and other times we dont at all!

Today, we dont really match, but we still look way cutes together!!

The Jm:Mai Vivian Rabbit skin has quickly become one of my favorite skins. The blushing cheaks is SO adorable to me and it’s so nice that it is included and not just an attachment.

Where as I tend to end up in more cutesy looks, Nats is great at making himself the perfect manly man. And in his look, he could easily chop me up to pieces and STILL look nahms!

Hi5 NATS!!!

The most fun part of making these posts definitely is going through my inventory and finding old things and making them work with new things. I had compleatly forgotten about this GiGi Couture jumper and was so excited to try it on again! Never be afraid to bring out the older things! You never know when you can use it!

xoxo eeks & nats ❤

on eeks:
Skin: JM:Mai – Vivian Rabbit

Hair: – Victoria.2 in Melancholy White

Eyes: Mr. Poet Distinct Eyes in Gray and Hazel

Lashes: Zsazsa’s Eyelashes in Spikes

Top: Artilleri – Sailorette Top in Red

Jumper: Gigi Couture – White Jumpers

Tights: Lark – Love Bird Tights in Blue

Shoes: COCO – Oxford Shoes Two Tone

On Natas:

Glasses: Gritty Kitty Browline Glasses

Watch: *ARAI* Date bank

Suspenders: { Kari } New School Suspenders

Pipe: *KUROTSUBAKI* Bent Apple (Old Group Gift)

Pants: (Milk Motion) My Wool Pants *beige*

Shirt: AOHARU Flannel Shirt Red (comes with vest, not worn)

Hair: Gritty Kitty – Owen

Beard: Dischord Designs – Robert

Boots: ANEXX – Laceup Boots Dark Brown

Skin: Nylon Outfitters (NO) Milky – Victorian Sideburns

Eyes: Poetic Color


One Response to “the axeman and the candy kisses girlll.”

  1. Hi super cutiesss you look namsable as a rabbit faceee


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