December 9, 2009

floating., originally uploaded by eekA Bat!(z).

There are a whole 17 days lef until Christmas, meaning a whole 17 days to pull off the cutest Christmas elf of all time! And since i know there are 17 days left I decided to take a break from attemtping to find the perfect holiday elf outfit and wear something less Christmasy.
With some inspiration from one of my best rl friends who sent me a few great Japanese music videos, I had no problem putting together this little cute number. And it STILL has th capability of being spiced up with some holiday flair!

Also, I just needed to take this time to say how much i love the So Many Styles poses. Every single pose that Irie has put out is ABSOLUTE LOVE to me. Go check out her latest pose releases, 3 of which are used below ❤

Vive9- Grace v2 pale in sick 2 (50l friday)

Fri.day- Jasmine 2 in Melancholy White

Plastik- Burdies Animalistic Elven Ears

Hat Mechanic Braces in Bubblegum

dp yumyum Gacha Muffler 3

Ohmai- Basics Pocket Cardigan in Lime

Mother Goose- Star T (from the cute tee set)

Reek- Cozy Mittens in Snowflake Blue (down the chimney hunt)

Nikukyu- Stripe Pants set in Half pants black

Pig- Socks Mit Suspenders in Grey

Mother Goose Vintage slips in CheckB

So Many Styles

Chair Prop:
Long Awkward Pose (Chimney Hunt)

Listening to:
Jape “Floating”

We took our first pill when
The music was shit
I said “fuck dancing all night”
But then thats just what we did
It felt like flooooating
It felt like floating

Your body was warm when
I laid by your side
I said i’m glad i have found you
And i’m glad we’re alive
It feels like floooating
It seems like floooating
It seems like floating

We laid by the river
We looked at the stars
I said “how tiny we are girl
How tiny we are!”
It feels like floooating
It feels like floooating
It feels like floating

A lifetime is short girl
And death is so long
I don’t belive in no heaven
I just hope that i’m wrong
I hope we’re floooating
I hope we’re floating

Cause watching the world
I don’t understand
It just makes much more sense with
My hand in your hand
It feels like floooating
It feels like floooating
It feels like floooating
It feels like floooating
It feels like floooating
It feels like floooating

and for a fabulous remix


2 Responses to “floating.”

  1. Abra Exonar Says:

    you’re cute. I like you. <3Abra

  2. eekaface Says:

    awww abraaaaa <333
    youre cuters and i like you too ❤

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