Let’s Get Radical!

December 2, 2009

Let’s Get Radical!, originally uploaded by eekA Bat!(z).

Hey guys! So, if you were not aware by now, I am a big fan of bright colors, especially yellow, so when Emery released their latest line I was pretty excited to go buy it out. However, I have felt so unispired lately and had really NO CLUE how i was going to wear any of it.
So this morning as I am doing my regular morning flickring, I noticed that there was a new Atelier AM release and from there I had it!
Atelier AM’s latest releases include an OH SO CUTE feathered hair accessory (worn in yellow on me), and a great chain necklace (not pictured). It actually took me a long while before I really got into SL jewelry, but Atelier AM was the store that did it with their cute lemon necklace. And now I tend to base my outfits on accessories rather then a clothing piece!
Great sale going on right now as well at Fri.day! The entire store is between 50-100L!! Happy Holidays, Hi5!!!
Also, dont forget to pick up the DUBOO leggings during the Starlust Hunt before its done!! THEY ARE THE CUTEST!!!
Hope you all are enjoying the cool weather, if your weather is as cool (or colder), as mine!


Mother Goose- Lilith Skine Apple

Plastik- Animalistic Elven Ear Burdies<3

Fri.day- Jasmine.2 in Melancholy White

BP*- Denim Jacket in Vintage

BP*- Bottan Shirts in Mgreen

Emery- Skirt Momo #2

DUBOO- Coffee Cup Leggings

Kao- Sude Frings Boots in Ash

Listening to:
Gogol Bordello “Lets get Radical”


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